Media Release: Special Council Meeting Discuss Flood 2019

by Cara-Dawn Gilchrist,

Media Release copied from - June 13, 2019

Subject: Media Release: Special Council Meeting Discuss Flood 2019

(HUNTSVILLE, ON) The Town of Huntsville held a Special Council Meeting on Wednesday June 12th at 6pm to discuss the flooding event that occurred in April 2019. This meeting was held in order to allow public feedback and an opportunity for questions.

Huntsville Fire Chief and Director of Operations and Protective Services, Stephen Hernen, presented to the public why this flooding event was so different from years prior. He noted that the spring freshet (thaw) generally lasts four days but this time there was a prolonged spring thaw of ten days. The prolonged period resulted in an increased flow of water therefore surrounding lake levels were raised and localized flooding remained for a greater length of time.

During the extended days of localized flooding, the Emergency Control Group met daily and followed the emergency plan based on the high-water levels and areas affected. The peak flow rate was the same as seen in 2016 but due to the amount of days it took for the freshet thaw, there was an increase in lake levels.

Public feedback from the June 12th Special Council Meeting and online Flood Q&A page will be reviewed by the Emergency Control Group to determine if any changes are needed to the existing emergency flood plan.

Public are invited to submit additional questions and feedback on the Flood Q&A page until June 21st.

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