Next Steps in Private Short Term Accommodation Rental Program

Huntsville Town Council Ratified the the Private Short Term Accommodation Rental (STRA) Program at their regularly scheduled Council Meeting on Tuesday December 17th.

Council also approved amendment to the Municipal Accommodation Tax By-Law to include Private Short Term Accommodation Rentals in the program, see the by-law HERE

Council will also be ratifying the Zoning Amendment to allow STRA's to operate in Huntsville at their regularly scheduled Council Meeting on January 26th at 6:00 pm.

Staff are anticipating a launch date of the licensing program on March 1st.

Additionally, Town Council did amend the Short Term Rental By-Law to allow those individuals with a legal secondary suite to apply for a Zoning Amendment at a reduced rate, which would allow them to continue to operate an STRA in their residence.

The amendment reads as follows:


IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT: Council recognizes there are existing short term rental accommodation (STRA) units that would be considered secondary suites and would no longer be permitted to continue as STRA as per Report DEV-2019-269

THEREFORE, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT: A reduction in the site specific zoning amendment fee from $1935 to $750 be granted to those STRA considered secondary suite, provided that:

1. Proof is submitted showing the secondary suite was an operating STRA prior to November 1, 2019;

2. The site specific zoning amendment application is submitted by March 1, 2020.

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Consultation has concluded. Please visit if you are looking to apply for a Private Short Term Accommodation Rental licence. 

The Q&A section on this page will still be visible if you are looking for an answer to a commonly asked question.

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