Currently can I rent my home or cottage as a short-term rental in Huntsville

    Currently, short-term rentals are not permitted in Single Family homes in Huntsville. As part of this process the Town is proposing to amend its current Zoning By-Law to allow for the short term rental of a single family home

    If I have a secondary suite would I be able to rent that as a short-term rental

    To help maintain Huntsville's long term rental stock, the proposed regulatory framework would not allow an individual to rent out a secondary suite wihtin a single family dwelling as a short-term rental. Only an entire single family dwelling can be rented out.

    Will there be a fee to acquire a license to operate a short-term rental in Huntsville?

    There will be a fee to obtain a license to operate a short term rental in Huntsville. At this time the fee has yet to be determined. 

    We encourage to to provide input on this site or during the public consultation as to what type of fee would be acceptable.

    If I operate a short-term rental will I be required to participate in the Municipal Accommodation Tax Program

    All individuals operating short-term rentals must pay a 4% Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) on all rentals that are less than 28 consecutive days.