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New Strategic Plan Items Presented to Council

by Lauren,

Updated September 11, 2019

Oops! We missed sharing the Economic Development area. Please see below for the addition.

News: August 15, 2019

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and visioning process which resulted in hundreds of ideas. The Town of Huntsville CAO and Strategic Plan Working Group presented a summary to Council of the ideas submitted during the engagement period. Council has selected the following items to be brought forward in the DRAFT of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. Here’s the ideas going forward:

Roads & Infrastructure

  • Access to water amenities (expand dock and beach areas)
  • Bike path/trail/lanes (dedicated to cyclists)
  • Boat launches (more)
  • Love Hunter’s Bay Trail
  • One way streets
  • Parking (invest and improve existing; more parking; angled parking; expand at CSC; above ground parking garage Brendale Square/Beer Lake; accessible)

Natural Environment & Sustainability

  • Climate change/flooding (work with conservation authorities to adapt)
  • Development (control/don’t allow in flood plains)
  • Green space/parkland (Brendale Square Beer Lake partner with Imperial Oil or movie company; River Mill remove parking lot)
  • Reduce plastic/waste (public water fountains instead of plastic bottles)


  • “Plain English” and clear summary of proposals (advertising for Planning and road allowance closures)
  • Events and festivals (greater awareness; greater presence at events; notifying locals of upcoming events)
  • Expand social media presence

Economic Development

  • Empire Lot (town buy, outdoor/indoor market, outdoor food court, parking floor, affordable housing on top)
  • Vacant commercial properties (stiffer penalties)


  • Actionable municipal plans (cohesive with other plans and initiatives)
  • Property standards (enforce policies and by-law; West End; improve/enforce by-law in all areas of town not just urban core but rural as well)
  • No dumping

Wellness and Culture

  • Shared partnerships (wellness for local programming)
  • Water fountains (public drinking for humans & dogs; make art water feature)

Stay tuned for more updates as we present the draft plan to Council in September.

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