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A wonderful community shared by families, seniors, businesses and tourists equally

by Jer5230,

We have  an outstanding community thanks to the dedication and commitment of our residents. It is everyone's responsibility to maintain and improve on our quality of life here. We have good road maintenance, good waste management, good family based facilities and programs and Good public safety programs such as fire, policing and emergency services. These are delivered based on reasonable taxes to support these programs.

There is definitely opportunities for improvement in the areas of bylaw enforcement, land use management and the protection of our environment. Having unwelcome behaviours and unacceptable / inappropriate situations are both unfortunately a part of our community. We cannot prevent every unacceptable situation but we can do a better job of maintaining high living standards in Huntsville. It's up to the town staff to take the initiative necessary in these areas rather than waiting for neighbours to complain about each other.

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